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January 7, 2010 / dcwisdom

Come On Down, Winter

Old man winter’s attempting to spoil our fun, but we’re heading him off at the pass with these:

 Buglet, Queen Mother, and I made a trip to BAM last night and picked up some cabin fever fighters.  The game was particularly calling to us amongst all the gazillions of dice-rolling, card-sharking, arrow-spinning, money-making (or losing), token-moving game boards on the shelves.  We’ve already tried some of the questions on each other and are getting ready to have a boys-against-girls family feud with Kid #3 Rodriguez  and ‘adopted son’ Chris.  Should be a screamer!
Notice the books.  Golden’s second book A Prisoner of Versailles is on my immediate read list.  I have noticed the reviews on this book are better than the first book.  Oh, goody!  (Golden’s blog is on my list to the right.)
The belly book is for me since I carry extra weight around my middle – sadly.  Working on that this winter.  The big class reunion is in June.  Pray for me.  Please.
Carmine’s is 34’s Christmas present, and Brin has already marked her birthday dinner page.  She’s so assuming. 
Besides Wally Lamb’s book, I bought another, one that somebody recommended on another blog (sorry, can’t remember whose post), called Crazy Love – Overwhelmed By A Relentless God by Francis Chan.  Really looking forward to reading this.
Went by the video store and brought home Martha, Inc., My Life in Ruins, Nanny Insanity, Tara Road, It Runs in the Family, and one of my favorites, Calendar Girls.  This movie is so outrageous and has a touching story line.  For some strange reason, it doesn’t bother me that old women (as opposed to young women) agree to get nude to pose for a calendar.  Odd.  Could it be that they look like me?  Or I look like them?  With sagging…  Shut up, Debbie!
What do you have in your stash?  Chase that crazy winter man away!
See you in the funny papers.