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January 3, 2010 / dcwisdom

2010 Resolution #1

#1.  Obtain concealed handgun license.

34 is setting up the blue dude target.  Can you see him?   Look carefully.
Beware, blue dude.  You’re a marked man.
My first 9mm practice with Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.
It was fun.
Can you see the holes?  One in the smallest target circle,
two in the 9 circle, one in the 8 circle.
Here I go again.  I’m smiling for you with no lipstick.
(That’s totally against my cardinal lipstick rule.)
All my shots except for one are in the 5 point zones.
The shot at the very top is Queen Mother’s.
I took 21 shots for a score of 104.
Dang good!
This is Queen Mother’s two shots at 5 yards.
Blue dude is dead from a carotid wound.
Way to go, Mom!
Folks, that’s the way it is in Texas!
Women wearing lipstick pack heat!
By the way, Queen Mother was given a clean bill of health.  Thank God and thank you for all your prayers.
See you in the funny papers.