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December 14, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

Good evening, All You Dallas Cowboys Fans and Non-Fans Alike! 

Yes, tonight, I would like to begin with a little butt chewing and an open letter. 

Dear Jerry Jones,

I saw you in the owner’s box tonight, cursing and throwing whatever it was in your hands.   Yes, you showed your ugly side.  And, shame on you.   What would your mother have said? 

Here’s my offer:  For one million US dollars, I will gladly come to Dallas, at my own expense, and tell you what’s wrong with your organization.  I KNOW what’s wrong, and I will meet you face-to-face and explain the problem.  How do I know what the problem is?  Because, I am a mother of five which I personally bore.  Since you have never been a mother, there’s no possible way that you have the answer to what’s wrong.  All mothers know, and shame on you for not employing a mother for you and your team.  But, I am willing to lend my expertise to your program for just a mere million, pocket change to you.  How about it?  I’ll be contacting your office tomorrow and expect an affirmative answer. 

Yours truly,  

The Dallas Cowboys’ Future Team Mother

P.S.  I will not come for less than $1,000.000.00, payable up front in cash.  Seeing as you paid $1.3 BILLION for your personal monument, there will be no negotiation on my fee, but I will take more if you insist.   This offer is good indefinitely.

(Girls, I’ll let you know his response as soon as possible.)

The Christmas Play presentation at Calvary Tabernacle was outstanding!  I’m sorry you missed it and will post some of the music in my side bar when I get the CD.  I don’t think that any of our singers or actors are considered ‘professional,’ but they very well could be. Debbie Henson of Video Perfection provided the sound and video, and she personally wrote, produced, and directed the entire performance.  I was privileged to have a small part in what may be the last of her many play and musical productions.

Since this is the ‘ten minute report,’ I’ll say good night.  Good night, and God bless America.