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December 11, 2009 / dcwisdom

Jefferson Annual Candlelight Tour

One of the most delightful Christmas traditions I have is attending the Candlelight Tour in Jefferson, Texas.   I honestly don’t know how many years I’ve been to Jefferson at Christmas, but it gets better every year. 

By the way, last year we were standing in line to tour a home behind a man from another state who had travelled to Jefferson just to see all the candlelights in town.  Maybe the advertisement is somewhat misleading, because only the houses on tour use candlelight during the tours to simulate what the houses may have looked like at Christmas back in the 1800’s.  Believe me.  It is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

Jefferson dresses for Christmas.  Millions of lights, homes and businesses decorated with festive lights, life-sized nativity scenes and roly-poly Santa Clauses, scented candles and clipped greenery and towering Christmas trees, fine china and award-winning quilts and expensive antiques and assorted collectibles, Victorian carolers and talented instrumentalists and children’s choirs, hot wassail and Christmas cakes and lip-smacking candies.  You name it; Jefferson has Christmas.

This year, my girls and I viewed the four appointed houses on the tour.   The Manse is registered as the oldest house built in 1839.  The current owner is Retired Navy Captain Laura Omer, below in the forefront in period costume.

One of the most beautiful Venetian mirrors Captain Omer acquired in her travels hung in the parlor of The Manse.

And each quilt displayed was exquisite.

Country kitchens decked with gingerbread men, fresh fruit, and poinsettias…
Old-fashioned, whimsical Christmas trees with stuffed bears, toy trains and cars, baby dolls, and country wrapped gifts…
Lavish country tables prepared for Christmas guests in the Hale-Walla House, my favorite…

Even creative screens were dressed in finery.
*beep**beep*  back up the truck
Before the sun set, however, we passed this eatery which is new since my last visit to Jefferson.  This is for all the painted metal chair freaks like myself. 
I’m thinking the folks that own this eatery like painted metal chairs more than I.  I’m also thinking that Santa could drive this herd of chairs to my house and deposit them on my patio.
Please, Santa Baby, with sugar on top.
If you cannot come to Jefferson this Christmas, hopefully you liked it here.  Maybe next year we should meet and tour together.  You’d love it!
Merry Christmas!