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November 23, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

As usual, tonight’s sports report highlights the sorry Dallas Cowboys, winning 7-6, barely.

Where were they?  The whole offense was a no-show until the last three minutes.  For two hours and forty-five minutes, the Redskins might as well have been playing their grandmothers.  Wade Phillips needs a good spanking, and Jerry Jones’ head needs to be in the Thanksgiving guillotine.   Do I hear anybody else out there?

Humor me for a minute or two. 

My family leaves for church much earlier than I leave.  At ten o’clock this morning, I could not locate my purse or keys.  I looked up and down, in and out, and nothing.  Did not make the church service, but I found my purse at Mom’s house.  I must be losing it.

This afternoon preparing for Christmas play dress rehearsal, 34 pulled the cleaner’s plastic off his suit, and the suit and shirt were molded.  MOLDED!  I wiped the suit down, we found another shirt, and off we went.  I’ll have to return it to the cleaners this week.

The three hour rehearsal was rough.  I think that’s supposed to be a good sign, though.  Here are some cute photos.  I have to include one out-of-focus picture, however, because it’s so cute.  (Please forgive my bungling photography.)

Chad makes such a gorgeous Jesus.
Teen trumpeters Garrett, Channing, Haley, and Meredith
Lounging in the women’s dressing room
Waiting backstage
Roman soldiers Williard and John (had to get Williard’s legs)
Such fun! 
Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!
See you in the funny papers.