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November 21, 2009 / dcwisdom

It’s a Slim Fast Thanksgiving

God bless her.  My friend Shawnee has already ruined my Thanksgiving this year.  Um hmmm.  Her post today just absolutely did me in, making me feel guilty, guilty, guilty.  Already.  I appreciate her attempt to be good.
This is what I had planned on serving for Thanksgiving dinner:
Now, all that’s changed.  34 has been on a diet all year.  He won’t mind, I’m sure. My children will thank me for this fifty years from now.  I’m saving their health, their futures, their children’s health and futures.  I’m only thinking of my family’s well being.  I know they will understand.
Please remember us this Thanksgiving in your prayers.
This year for Thanksgiving, I’ll be serving this:
Yes, that’s the ticket.  Left-over Slim Fast.   *yum*
See you in the funny papers.