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November 20, 2009 / dcwisdom


I’ve had a relatively nice and slower morning.  But, when I saw this in my email, my heart broke…for my country, my family, my friends, US soldiers, and for all of you out there who love America, freedom, and God.

Did he really “forget something,” or is he really revealing what’s in his heart?  

A “humorous” email came through the other day.  It said something like “I’m praying for my president – Psalm 109:8:  Let his days be few, and let another take his office.”  In this Psalm, David is praying to God about his adversaries, but let’s remember that Samuel, by God’s direction, annointed David to be King of Israel.  David was chosen of God.  Obama was allowed by God.
This does not delight me.  However, it does ring a clarion bell in my soul that Jesus-followers must get serious about praying for our nation.  We’re being taken by aliens.