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November 19, 2009 / dcwisdom

A Day Off

Hiya, Friends!

Today is Queen Mother’s 75th birthday.  I rushed her around this morning, loaded her up, and drove her to Wal-Mart.  Yeah….a birthday at Wal-Mart.  Isn’t that what we all long for?  a birthday….  at Wal-Mart….  yeah

Anyway, she found some curtains there that she liked, and I am going to hang them for her after she rests a while.   The fatigue from the radiation has finally surfaced.

So, instead of blabbering on about nothing, I’m giving my post space to a good friend.  I haven’t known Shawnee for long, but she’s a good friend, and our daughters have homeschooled together.  Shawnee is an excellent writer and has written online DIY articles which, I’m sure, she will reference somewhere on her blog.   Check her out! 

Please, welcome my friend, Shawnee! 

“Kids escape the funniest ways!

It never ceases to amaze me what little children see on their own level of intelligence and observance. While babysitting for a friend, this little fellow in the picture discovered the doggie door was just right for him to use for an escape route.

Our back yard is fenced in to prevent the dogs from roaming, so it was perfect to keep this little guy in check as well. He thought he’d entered a new paradise and was getting away with something truly special!

Needless to say, all I had to do was either crawl through the door myself or walk around and unlatch the gate to get him back inside. But the fun was in watching him through the window as he explored the back yard with the dogs.

I do have to be careful to watch what he carries out the doggie door with him on his newly discovered adventures.

He took out a stretchy rubber skeleton from our toy selection. I caught the dog trying to eat this, which would have made for some interesting results once his system discovered it wouldn’t digest. He took out a skateboard, which was quite a feat, considering it was his same size. He took out a basketball, candy, and dog toys, and legos. The only problem is what the dogs decide is fair game to be shared.

My own son climbed out a window when he was about the same age as my little guest in the picture. Thankfully, it was ground level. I found him on a carport next door, at an empty residence, giggling. My daughter climbed over a locked gate at that age. (That was a nightmare for mom.) She was found on another block, playing with some children who couldn’t even speak English.

Live and learn. Children are much more inventive and determined than we parents deserve sometimes.

Thankfully, now I can be more aware, educated, prepared, and relaxed when little visitors escape my watchful eye.

Why don’t you share with us some ways your own child/children have escaped over the years?”

Thanks, Shawnee.  I have several stories like this of my own.  😉  Find Shawnee here.

See you in the funny papers.