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November 18, 2009 / dcwisdom

Christmas Tree Farm Story #2

We must be careful for which things we pray.

Being a more serious personality… seriously… really……..  Do you know about the personality quadrants?  I definitely fit into the ‘controller’ quadrant, and I have traits of other quadrants, but the ‘controller’ quadrant is my main peg.  It comes from being the oldest child, type A, or whatever it is.  You psychology people know about this.  This ‘controller’ person is bossy check, organized check, likes structure check, gets to the point check, likes results NOW check,  etc.

The other three quadrants are all different.  As this controller studied the other quadrants, I began to desire to come more toward the middle of the quadrant board.  Maybe age has something to do with it…wanting to have more fun, taking life less seriously, laughing more, etc.

Mind you, no personality can change overnight.  I guess it’s a mental challenge to change oneself.  I began to pray about it.  The first thing I did was go from a washed-out, graying brunette, to a blonde.  Well, look at the choice: go gray or go blonde.  Man, I’m not old enough to be gray.  I still have teenagers!

That’s not even part of my story.  Having fun.  Learning to have fun.  That’s my point here.

So, here’s the Christmas tree farm story.

One really busy day with maybe 20 cars in our parking field, we were alternating going into the house to eat lunch.  I was making my way between the cars to the house, and I noticed 34’s legs sticking out from under a car.

This was not unusual.  Plenty of idiots came to the Christmas tree farm in sub-compact cars.  So, tell me, where does one tie a seven or eight foot Christmas tree onto a small car?  Can’t go in the trunk!  It goes on top with yards and yards of jute wrapping the tree and entire car.

We all learned to tie trees onto cars.  It was more challenging when only one person tied it, though, and that’s what 34 was doing.

I saw him under the car retrieving the jute from the other side.  I looked around and saw no one else around, so I walked over to him, reached down and got his zipper in my fingers.  I pulled the zipper down and up.  Down and up.  Zip………  Then I scampered away.  MMhahaha.  I could see his legs shaking and him trying to come up from under the car.

I ran quickly to the house not wanting him to see me.  I opened the door to the house and walked in……………………..

And there 34 was at the bar, eating lunch.  Ohmygosh!  I must have looked at him, horrified, because he asked, “What is it?”  

“Oh, nothin’,” I said. 

Don’t know who the man was.   Maybe he got his Christmas thrill that year!

See you in the funny papers.