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November 17, 2009 / dcwisdom

Monday List

Good morning!  It’s cloudy, cool, and drippy and in the 50’s today.  Nice!  I love Mondays!

All my boys were here this weekend.  Blog friend Vickie from Sand Flat Farm says I just like to sit around and look at them.  Yes, I do.  Kid #4 Sam and Kid #5 Mary and I had some fun in those wee Sunday morning hours. 

Mom’s superheroes!

This week’s looking busy, as usual, with a little silliness thrown in.

Uh oh – here comes Mom.
In my Nick and Nora pj’s.
Aren’t they the cutest kids?
  • Instead of painting my bedroom last week, I painted my bathroom.  Paint bedroom.
  • Make t-shirt quilt
  • Make denim pillows
  • List Thanksgiving menu and grocery shop 
  • Still haven’t finished War and Peace.  Keep reading.  Finish this month.
  • Quartet part practice
  • Scripture memorization 
  • Stop the madness now
I hope y’all have a glorious week. 
See you in the funny papers.