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November 16, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

Good evening.

Tonight’s report, as always, begins with the Dallas Cowboys’ loss with Green Bay.  Where were the ‘boys?  You know, I never have understood how any professional football player can be disappointed with the game’s outcome because of this one reason: 
They get paid the same whether they win or lose! 
Playing for hundreds of dollars per game – no, make that thousands – no, hundreds of thousands for ONE lousy game – POOR GUYS!!!  I absolutely gush tears for them, don’t you? 
I am calling for Wade Phillips to get the Cowboy boot.  I am calling for Jerry Jones to jump in the middle of Lake Ray Hubbard!
Ok.  I’ve got to settle down…  I am a Christian woman.  I need to pray.  In tongues.
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There.  That’s better.
Our weekend was busy.  We worked at the rent house where my two oldest children are living, and, miraculously, the bathroom sink miraculously unplugged itself.  No kidding.  A miracle!  After two weeks of being totally stopped up, the sink miraculously started draining.  I kid you not.  It was a miracle!  
And speaking of miracles, our church service was great today.  Honestly, I can’t remember what the pastor preached about for watching the elderly couple down the same aisle nodding off.  It was comical.  She sat perfectly still the whole time, eyes closed, and he did the nod-mouth-open thing.  I have never understood why people come to church and sleep through the service.   At least, when I’m a little drowsy, I watch the other sleeping people just to keep from falling asleep myself.  Not that my pastor is boring…  time for me to take out the trash…
And then, my lovely Queen Mother prepared a feast for lunch – poppy-seed chicken, fresh vegetables, fruit salad, cheesecake, and coconut pie.   Thank you, Mom.  Delicious!  She is having surgery on December 1 to remove cancer.  Will you please keep her in your prayers?
Play practice went well.  Our producer/director is a talented couple from Texarkana with years of productions and photography under their belts.  Take a look at their site here.
Need to go iron for 34 for another hard week at work.
This concludes tonight’s report.  Goodnight and God bless America.
See you in the funny papers.