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November 6, 2009 / dcwisdom

Escaped My Cage

Dear Blogworld,

It’s good to escape from the cage occasionally.  This is what some people look like when they’ve been caged too long without The Cheesecake Factory:

The poor woman!  Queen Mother just finished radiation treatments recently, and look what it’s done to her!  However, after a visit to Dallas and the Cheesecake Factory, see how it has improved her face and her — hey!  Is that woman in the middle, my sister, that’s 50 years old, that’s pregnant with twin boys, counting money?  Buy gold, K!

Our little gang of gaggling girls and one he-man at the Cheesecake Factory!  Our waiter at the restaurant took this blurry picture, but it’s our momento of this occasion, Queen- Mother’s-cancer-surgery-mark-it-on-your-calendar-doctor-visit.  Another blip in the road of life.  Will you please keep her in your prayers?

Left to right:  Kid #4’s girlfriend, Emily; Queen Mother; my sister Karin; Kid#5 Mary; That’sMe; Kid #4 Sam; my long time partner in crime, Lisa, who’s a laugh a minute!

It was even good to be in Dallas.  My 34 quips this little ditty to my children:  “I love to see Dallas…in my rearview mirror!”  As far as he’s concerned, going to Dallas once or twice a year is waaaaay too often for him.   But, he misses all the good places, like The Container Store!

See all the shiny objects?  Aren’t they beautiful?
Good night.
See you in the funny papers.