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November 5, 2009 / dcwisdom

The Ladybug House

Hello, Good Friends!

This time of year always brings out the ladybugs.  Whyever in the world they all come to my house, I can’t figure out.  You’d think it was their annual convention or something.  I was outside today, and they were crawling down my blouse, landing in my hair, and just generally irritating me.  Queen Mother told me that a ladybug bit a man friend on the jaw.  I didn’t know they bite, did you?

And, at this very moment, I am hearing a mouse just beyond my feet under my desk munching on some goodies left today by Sheila the Bug Lady.  No kidding.  I’ve got the heebeejeebees crawling up and down my arms and legs.  Iiiiiiiiiick!  But, I’m letting that little sucker eat the good stuff.  *cringe* 

With all the things I need to do this week, I forgot the exterminator was coming today.  I remembered this morning.  Sewing put aside, everything had to come out of the cabinets and closets.  Tonight, it all goes back in and the floors get mopped. 

So, in a little trailer space in the country by the woods with pets, kids, friends, and thus-and-such, there’s bound to be creepy things that go bump in the night – raccoons, skunks, coyotes, mice, owls.  Just not in the house.  Please.  By the way, there’s a big yellow moon on the rise.

Y’all have a pest-free evening.

See you in the funny papers.