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November 4, 2009 / dcwisdom

Oak Grove Quilting Club

Beautiful Tuesday Greeting!

I have some local history to show you today. 

In my motoring about, I noticed that the quilters at Oak Grove Community were in session.  I stopped and poked my head in the door, introduced myself to the lovely ladies, and their welcome began with not only a quilting demonstration, but also a history lesson.

Oak Grove is a smaller than small spit about five miles outside of the nearest town to me.  Back in the days of one room school houses, this little farming community school building housed several grades within its walls.  In 1957, it integrated with the larger town’s school district, and the district deeded the property and building to a handful of folks to preserve on the condition they pay the taxes and utilities.

Since then, the quilters of Oak Grove have inhabited the building, meet weekly, and have monthly pot stews to finance their club and upkeep of the place.   Not only have they kept the property, they’ve shared their lives and hobby.

Talk about friendships!  I once had a Sunday School teacher tell me that the girls who grew up in this town know each other like the backs of their own hands and better than their husbands know them.  I believe it.  That’s history.

Yeah, one of the little ladies looked at me out of the corner of her eye and said, “Just like Vegas, what goes on in here, stays in here.”  I can only imagine!  heehaw

You know what I’m afraid of?  I’m afraid modern technology will take from our children and grandchildren the joy of friendship that hobbies and assemblies and communities offer.  The simple act of coming together for a common good.  The laughter and ease and comfort of working and bonding.  Is that gone yet?  Are we upholding that standard to our offspring?

I guess that’s why I love the little old ladies and the stories they tell.  There’s so much wisdom in their interchanges and “discussions.”  You should hear the stories… it was enough to make this child blush…

See you in the funny papers.