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November 2, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

Good evening, Blogworld!

Leading tonight’s report is, of course, the Dallas Cowboys’ win.  

Really, I have to be perfectly honest and tell you that I didn’t see one play of the game.  I don’t even know who they played, sorry!  Being the good reporter that I am not, I do know that Tony had one interception – as opposed to 234?  bless his heart – but the score was way on up there, like 30-something to… 

Hey, listen.  Don’t get your football facts from me.

After church when the game was on, I had nine great folks around my dinner table laden with barbeque beef and buns, potato salad, pinto beans, pumpkin cake and chocolate pie (of course). So yummy! At half-time, most of us rushed back to the church for Christmas play practice.

Play practice always excites me.  I probably should have majored in fine arts or drama or music.  Sharing the same breathing space with up and coming singers and talented young adults is stimulating.  It’s amazing the level of flair and savvy in their little fingers!

Two of my favorite young singers, Rich Wisdom and Starla Ray, need to be the next duo in Nashville.  Seriously, their duet was incredibly CD worthy.
34 and I left play practice and headed to Wal-Mart and saw the strangest guy with long, gray, braided hair and pink with red lips happy pants.  He must have been there on a dare.  I should have asked him.  Sometimes, I would just like to hang out in Wal-Mart for a while and take pictures of all the weirdos walking through the store.  That would be a crazy, rainy day project, wouldn’t it? 
Would anyone like to take that challenge?
This concludes tonight’s report.  Short, sweet, and happy.  I hope you had an exciting day.  Tell me about it.
See you in the funny papers.