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November 1, 2009 / dcwisdom

Fun Festival 2009

Waaaahahahahahaha!!!!  Good Evening.  (think Dracula’s voice) 

The kids and I watched the story of Dracula on the History Channel this last week.  Never having known the actual facts surrounding the legendary Dracula, I was fascinated by the account of the Count.  Such a strange person, he was.

Well, that said, Halloween’s just always creeped me out.  Even though I’ve seen my share of blood and human fluids in my past professional life, I could never get into the gore and entertainment of blood and human fluids.  Can’t even do witches and goblins.  *creepy*  That’s just a world I’d rather not entertain.  

But, I can do fun!  Give me fun!  Tonight, we did fun. 

It all started with chocolate.  Of course.  It progressed into a chili cookoff, chili dogs, desserts galore, cake walks, magic tricks, skits, hoola-hooping, a hay ride, singing, laughing, and just plain fun

And this was just the dessert table! 
“No, it’s mine.”  
“Just smile for the camera, honey.” 

And look at these crazy big kids pretending to be little kids!

Superman is on his back and out of control! 

Q&A time: All but one of these women are under 30. Can you tell which one is over 30?  Hmmmm…I knew you couldn’t. I’ll tell you. It’s the one on the right.  Honestly, I don’t know how these beautiful young women stand me. Starla, Holli, and Brooke have sung together for several years, and they have graciously allowed me to crash their trio party and make a quartet. Thank you, dear young, gorgeous ladies. You have given me new hope that the elderly can still hang (sometimes) with the younger generation. XO
It’s Sherry and her sweet kids!   And, Starla and her hunky friends!  Oh, the fun and laughter we had.  It just shows to go ya…  Waaaahahahahaha!
See you in the funny papers.