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October 30, 2009 / dcwisdom

Rain, Rain, Go Away

“Only a very little, Mr. Flood –
For auld lang syne. No more, sir; that will do.”
“Mr. Flood’s Party”
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Drippy Greetings, Blogworld!

Have you ever had one of those months you wanted to pass? Aw, I know you have. That’s about how I am feeling about October. I have emptied over 30 inches of rain from my rain gauge this month. Probably can’t count on one hand the days we’ve seen sunshine since September.

Nevertheless, I needed to get out today and check on the renovation house and go see one of my favorite people in the world, my dentist. Actually, I do like him; He’s more like a friend than a professional, and I love his wife. We have a history. In the friend way.

Folks in these parts have had a prayer vigil going for the last 24 hours. We were warned that this storm would be BIG, as in tornadoes, hail, flash flooding, the like. Businesses in low lying areas have sand-bagged and have braced for the worst. This is what my dentist’s office looked like:

This part of town has a good-sized creek running through it and tends of flood from heavy rains. The last time it flooded, people were saying that snakes were all over the parking lots. *cringe**shiver*
The rain subsided, but for a moment.

The rain came.

Just in showers. The harsher weather passed to the north and to the east. 34 said that Shreveport experienced a tornado in the downtown area, ripping a steeple from a Methodist church and depositing it on a moving car. Pray for the man in the hospital.
“No more, sir; that will do.”
Hope you are all safe and sound tonight.
See you in the funny papers.