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October 26, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday Ten Minute Report

Good evening, good people!

Tonight’s report begins with the Dallas Cowboys win today! Sadly for us, not one television station in this area carried the game. There will be a revolt!
34 says the internet sites out of Dallas are all but calling for Wade’s resignation or firing. What is going to happen, does anybody venture to guess? Personally, I think Dallas needs to fire Jerry, like that could ever happen.
My 34 love made hay of the bright, sunshiny day yesterday. I had him on top of the house painting fascia boards and trim. Roofers are notorious for sloppy jobs, but this crew was good, except for many nasty handprints left on the trim and siding.
Now, 34 did not like me taking his picture. That’s why Rick doesn’t want me to tell his name or show his mug. heehee Got his better side!

Look at this picture that 34 took. These beauties were out in full force this weekend.

To switch subjects, our Sunday table always has several people around it – family plus adopted sons, regularly. Kid #3 likes to bring his buddies home to have at least one home-cooked meal a week, so I always plan for a few more folks to feed. Last week while shopping, I found a beautiful pot roast and paid $17 for it, thinking it would feed plenty. So, preparing for six to eight big folks, three or four being adult men, I had pot roast, potatoes and carrotts, green beans, green salad, homemade rolls, and chocolate pie.

Around one o’clock, there were only four of us at home, the girls, 34, and myself. Checking my cell phone and noticing it was on ‘silent,’ I saw that kid#3 had texted me. I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so this is what transacted:

kid: Hey, I won’t be there for lunch but I will be home after play practice if you want to save me a plate. Thanks!

me: You and Rod were suposed be home to eet. I bought a $17 pot roast. There are smarving children in africa.

kid: ?Are you ok Mom?

me: (reference Seinfeld) The soup mazi is in the house.

kid: Do we need to take a trip to the mental hospital LOL

me: lol yoursef – get you hom to et the goast!

By the end of these exchanges, I was frustrated that I made so much food with only four wonderful people to eat it. Plus, I couldn’t see. 34 said that I should just make sandwiches from now on. Maybe I will.

Hope y’all have a good week. I’ll have the conclusion to “I’ve Got to Lose Weight” on Tuesday. Stay tuned.

See you in the funny papers.