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October 22, 2009 / dcwisdom

Mom Report

I spoke with Queen Mother late last night. She’s such a brave soul. Her last radiation treatment is today – 28 total, I think. She’s done well, the little soldier. Then, she and two friends are heading toward Houston way where my brother and his precious family live to rest and recup a short while before heading home.

I want to say a personal word of thanks here to my sister, Lu, for the awesome way she cared for Mom during the last six weeks. Lu, Mom could not have had better care during this time, and I just want to say ‘Thanks!’ You are so the comfort and joy woman!

With Mom being absent from her house for several weeks, it’s been my job to check on the condition of the house, to water the plants, catch the mail, stuff like that. Several times over the years, Mom and Dad came home from trips to a flooded house, where the water heater had burst, or to a leaky roof, or whatever. You know how it is – you leave the house, and it takes on a mind of its own and invites all the party animals. Literally.

Today when I walked in, the distinct smell of dead mice filled my nostrils. Oh, yes. If there’s anything I hate more than raccoons, it’s meece. Kid #5 recently told me she wanted a gerbil. I put the nix on that right then.

Years ago, 34 and I took a job at a private hunting and fishing club. My job was to manage the kitchen facilities and the kitchen/club house employees. Too quickly, I discovered the nasty meece had moved into the storage room and pantry in between managers. I could hear them scampering around the big pantry in the night. (Our bedroom shared a wall with the storage room and pantry.) *cringe* Sometimes, I would be awake to hear *snap* *squeal*. *cringe*

I could never bring myself to deal with them. They just give me the creeps. Del, my kitchen manager, would have to come in in the early mornings and empty the traps. Then, she’d set them before she went home at night. I’m one of those women that climbs on the chair or table or whatever is available to get as far away from meese as possible. And, just give me the D-Con, not the traps. *cringe* *shiver*

Nonetheless, I knew that I needed to find the meece perpetrator(s). I’m familiar with the locations of the traps, so I began my search.

The food is gone, but the trap’s not sprung. How do they do that? Isn’t there somebody out there that can build a better mousetrap????

This trap is sprung and the bait is gone. How do they do that?

There he is, Mom. Got ‘im! Behind the refrigerator!

*gag* He’s been there a while. *gag* I reached in and picked up the trap. *gag* And threw him back on the floor. *dry heave* (These pictures are making me sick!)

*gag* I found Mom’s garden gloves and picked the thing up. Yes, I did. *dry heave* I actually unloaded the thing in the trash can and barfed on top of him. Good and buried. Then I took a deep breath and commenced to sit on the floor and reset all the traps. For ten minutes I sat there, trying get one to cooperate. Caught my finger in one, so I gave up. *ouch*

Today, I’m going to buy D-Con. Or a cat. Oh, by the way, deer-deer, goose-geese, sheep-sheep, mice-meece…
The things you do for parents!
See you in the funny papers.