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October 20, 2009 / dcwisdom

Monday List

My Monday List: Get through this day — laughing — somehow!

My morning began with *phone call*, “Mom!” crying woman wailed. “My car just quit!” Crying loudly. “I can’t lose this job!”

So I head off down the highway (with NO trash bag hanging on my mirror), drive about 30 miles, and see her parked in Sonic. Of course, in Sonic! We switch cars, leaving me with the problem. I ordered a drink, and the Sonic manager brings it out. I explain to him the problem of why this car has been here so long this morning. He’s so kind. He says, “My wife’s car had the same problem. Just a minute…” He leaves and comes back with a tool. I pop my hood. He tells me that his Grandfather taught him how to fix cars, and bless his heart, he does everything he knows to get me going.

In the meantime, this man pulls up to a stall, orders, backs up, and yells at me to “hold on.” A moment later, he’s back with another guy, apparently a local mechanic, who makes a quick diagnosis, taps the starter, and starts the car.

In the repair shop, the very helpful mechanic guy calls for the part, but the part can’t be delivered today. Very nicely, he shoves me off toward home. The car did make it home. I drive straight to another mechanic, who – again – diagnoses the problem, except, by now, the problem has grown to starter, tune-up, computer board. Ohhhhhh!

As of 2:00 p.m., I’m waiting by the phone with no car to drive, waiting for the verdict.

So today, my Monday list is this: Pray, praise, and laugh this thing silly. The perspective is that this is only temporary; this computer security system can be fixed. It’s only temporary. Appliance and mechanical problems are only temporary. Nothing is set in stone, except God. He is the Stone the builders rejected, our Cornerstone, our Rock.

Today, I will laugh. Tonight and this week, I will praise my God. That’s my Monday List.

See you in the funny papers.