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October 17, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunshine Glory

It was Sunshine Glory all day!

After being socked in for weeks by gray clouds, green clouds, black clouds, rolling clouds, clapping clouds, spinning clouds, racing clouds, misty clouds, rainy clouds, foggy clouds, low clouds, high clouds…clouds, clouds, clouds…

FINALLY, the clouds rolled away and out pops Sunshine Glory! Oh, Glory! Moods lightened, smiles returned, laughter heard, faces turned upward, praises shouted, voices raised in true thanksgiving.

The colors brighter, the wind crisper, the birds chirpier, the dogs happier, and for the moment, all’s right with the world.

“Sing to the Lord a song of thanksgiving, sing psalms to the harp in honor of our God. He veils the sky in clouds and prepares rain for the earth. He clothes the hills with grass and green plants for the use of man.”

“He gives the cattle their food and the young ravens all that they gather. The Lord sets no store by the strength of a horse and takes no pleasure in a runner’s legs; his pleasure is in those who fear him, who wait for his true love.” Portions of Psalm 147

O praise the Lord.