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October 13, 2009 / dcwisdom

Monday List

Up until several years ago, I basically flew through life by the seat of my pants, meaning I was not a goal setter or a future thinker. Oh, I had ideas about what I wanted, but I never inked out and translated those ideas into definite ways to achieve what was on my heart and mind.

Then I joined Toastmasters. Toastmasters was a life-changing experience in so many ways, transforming me into a thinking-inking-translating being. Now, my life is governed by lists, and I work well from them.

Mondays on this blog will be dedicated to goal setting. List Day. You’re my accountability partner. Care to join me?

My deep thoughts (yes, I have them!) fit into three categories: Mind, will, emotions (or body, soul, spirit). I try to address each every week in some way.

Mind Examples: Read the Bible; read thoughtful, challenging books; memorize scripture; work puzzles; write; study a subject; relearn algebra; get involved in a cause; turn off the TV; etc. Years ago, I picked up a copy of Josh McDowell’s first book Evidence That Demands a Verdict. He now has the updated version: New Evidence That Demands a Verdict. I’m buying it as a faith builder.

Will Examples: Make concrete decisions; fulfill obligations; minister to someone; work faithfully at my job; don’t sweat the small stuff; wake up earlier; go to bed earlier; exercise; get projects done; clean the house; set time limits; turn off the TV, etc.

Emotion Examples: Love more; laugh more; be creative; have a quiet time each day; listen to good music; volunteer; (learn to) pray more effectively; play the piano; sing; turn off the TV; etc.

This week, I will (besides the regular things I already do):

  1. complete denim quilt and three sewing projects to post on etsy
  2. attend life coach training on Wednesday
  3. make sweet potato casserole for 60, help decorate for volunteer banquet; attend banquet Thursday night
  4. memorize Psalm 146:1-5 (next week 6-10)
  5. prepare for kid#4 to come home from college this weekend (please pray for him — he’s been sick)
  6. mail taxes — ugh!
  7. get exercise dvd from Carol

That’s enough for me. What’s on your list?
Let me show you what ‘hope’ really is! “O praise the Lord. Praise the LORD, my soul. As long as I live I will praise the Lord; I will sing songs to my God all my life long. Put no faith in princes (my note – Obama), in any man, who has no power to save. He breathes his last breath, he returns to the dust; and in that same hour all his thinking ends. Happy is the man whose helper is the God of Jacob, whose hopes are in the LORD his God.” Psalm 146:1-5 (The New English Bible)
See you in the funny papers.