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October 12, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

Good evening, all you lovelies in blogworld:

Tonight’s ten minute report begins with the Dallas Cowboys’ win in overtime. Miles, baby, you pulled it out! Not that your team, or Tony, or Wade, necessarily helped you, but in overtime, you are the man! That smile on your face as you crossed the goal line was sublime.

But I have to be honest. I actually only saw the last four minutes of the game. I started watching the game and got drowsy. Ended up asleep on the couch for the entire game even through half-time, now and then hearing 34 and kid #3 saying, “Gosh, did you hear Mom?” In brief periods of consciousness, I’d hear them snickering at my entertaining sleeping sounds – puffs of air, honest-to-goodness snoring, snake-like sounds, etc. I can’t figure out these days how to breathe again through my nose; my mouth won’t stay closed anymore. I wonder if duck tape would work…

Well…on to more interesting things…the renovation house report is that we finished the front door yesterday. Yay! We were unable to put on the second coat of paint to the other two exterior doors due to cooler temps (58 degrees) and drizzle. Our plans are to finish out the front with shutters, railing between the posts, and brick steps and walkway.

See the lush bushes along the bottom of the picture? No, not the wood ferns that take over everything each year, but the beautiful full bushes and landscape? You don’t? That’s because this prolific family of bunnies has eaten everything — the nandinas, variegated monkey grass, each and every flower. I finally got smart too late and sprayed some kind of citrus concoction on the plants, and I haven’t seen the little family since. But, I’m yanking it all up this winter and replanting. Any ideas for the empty space around the downstairs octagonal window?

34 worked inside while I worked outside.

This is my kitchen, a lengthy, oddly-shaped room with space for a small breakfast table by the outside door.This is the scene under the kitchen floor. He’s measuring for vent pipe drainage. All the drain lines are in and half the water lines are run. I’m hoping we can complete all the water lines before the cold weather sets in and get the insulation in. (Side note: 34 and I in the past bought investment houses and renovated them. He worked part-time as a trim carpenter in college and progressed as the years past to reconstruction. You probably would find it hard to believe that 34 is a Victorian man at heart; he loves the detail of the period architecture, carved woods, and elaborate, ornate design.)But, in this picture, my beloved is cursing and crying and beating the floor trying to install an extra deep soaking tub that has to have a mortar bed beneath it. No, I couldn’t have the jet tub, because it would require extra plumbing (along with the potential problems of extra leaking) on the second floor. Yeah… So, I opted for the soaking tub. I think it’ll be a good option.

You remember the storm we had Friday morning? I gathered limbs and raked tree litter and have the blisters to prove it.

The wildlife family was in the yard when we pulled in today. That’s my little garden shed in the background, and you can see the gorgeous orange metal chairs under the mimosas. (My apologies that this picture is somewhat blurry. My camera doesn’t zoom very well. But, can you see them? My other landscape munchers? Aren’t they beautiful?)
And, here’s the finished dress worn by kid #5. Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

This concludes tonight’s report. Until tomorrow…
See you in the funny papers.