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October 10, 2009 / dcwisdom

Storm Warning

In the wee hours of this morning, a storm hit. It wasn’t the worst we’ve ever had, but the radio reported power outages, high winds and/or a small tornado touched down, and trees uprooted and layed over highways and county roads.

So while the storm raged outside and since none of us had early schedules to meet, we kept under covers until the winds, rain, and lightning passed. The rain continued in showers, standing in puddles and flowing into gullies already swollen and overflowing with water. This past month, I have emptied almost 20 inches of water from my rain gauge. Our drive from the paved road to where we live is completely saturated ground, slip-sloshing mud and sand, making fishtails and cutting donuts thrilling, yet scary. Ya never know when the car will decide to get stuck.

It was a great day to sew. I finished a hip little number for kid #5. Probably the first dress I’ve made her since she was very little. And she loved it. The pattern says “one easy pattern,” but on a scale of 1-5, I’d rate it 3.5 for yokes, collar, cuffs, and multi-gathers. Definitely not a beginner pattern.
When the weather cleared enough to venture out, I was eager to see the renovation house. After hearing personal reports from those who live in the renovation house area, my mom and I headed out and pretended we were reporters taking pictures. (My mom drove in yesterday, getting some mental relief from the radiation treatments she’s taking. She’s doing well, considering, and only has about 9 more to go.)

This fallen sweet gum tree is in the pasture beside the renovation house. But, LOOKIE, LOOKIE, LOOKIE at what I found when I drove up to the house… it’s still raining…

A BRAND NEW ROOF!!!! woooo hoooo!! jump up and down!! hallelujah!!! Yesterday was a warm, balmy day, so it looks like the roof fairy came and left a present. Another project down, 50 more to go. Picking my way through tree litter around the house and gazing adoringly at the lovely new roof, I missed the wildlife family in the backyard. They were so quiet, even in their movement. Got the last one as he silently moved into the woods.

34 says he can make it rain when he wants to. He yells at me, “I’m going to wash my truck.” I wish he’d stop hollering at me for a while.

See you in the funny papers.