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October 6, 2009 / dcwisdom

Max and Taylor

Ok. This is the last of the spray painted chairs, I promise, but they have a story, albeit, weird. As I was spraying them, I just wanted to…………………….salute, or something. Look at them! Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? (whaaaaat?)

I named these gorgeous chairs (drum roll) Max and Taylor.

So, I stood straight and saluted.

Some of you may howl with laughter if you know Max Taylor, who is, actually, a real man – for those of you who don’t know him. I must say that no one’s ever saluted me before, except Max (and the children, of course). I was shocked! Especially knowing the salute came from Max and years of military saluting. It was a real Marine salute.

I have never thought of myself having a male mentor. I’ve had few male role models (me being a woman and all), one of which was my outstanding dad, but very few men have had the privilege of being my mentor. I’m picky.

Max and I met one night several years ago attending a home school meeting. He had been invited to meet with our group to introduce the Toastmasters program. The confidence of this man was exceptional. I was immediately drawn to him. Thus began my relationship with Toastmasters and Max.
But, this post is not about Toastmasters; it’s about Max Taylor. Let me tell you about him.

Max served in Vietnam as a Special Forces Captain in the US Marine Corp. He’s retired from the US Army, the Marines, and the United State Post Office. He’s a “true-blue” patriot. He remains vigilant on political issues, maintaining a strong and fixed sense of duty to God and Country.

This last weekend, he and his bride attended their 58th high school reunion in west Texas.

An amazing feat he has accomplished during his retirement is hiking the Appalachian Trail. He told me that this year he walked 535 miles. He will finish this fantastic adventure in 2010 in two trips, hiking the final 570 northern-most miles through Vermont. He will be 77 years old at the end of the trail.

Max, please forgive me for honoring you with two old repainted chairs on my country patio, but you should know that I will always remember and respect you for the courageous and remarkable person you have been in my life. God bless you. Thank you.
Hey, Max, see you in the funny papers.