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October 5, 2009 / dcwisdom

Sunday’s Ten Minute Report

Hey! How was your day?

The Cowboys lost – no big news there. Did you see the last few seconds? Dreadful! You’d think that if Jerry could build a $1.3 billion stadium, he could buy a decent team. 34, the boys, and I -plus a girlfriend – attended the Cowboys’ second pre-season game in the brand new Jerry’s World. No expense was spared. It’s everything you hear, and then some.
The parking was horrendous! We paid $30 to park one mile away TO WALK to the stadium along with thousands of others. Really. And what made it worse was that we passed hundreds of tail-gaters cooking all kinds of lip-smacking things. Mmmmm… By the time we got into the stadium, we were all hungry.
Since we didn’t get tickets until the week of the game, we got seats in the nosebleed section of the end zone. But, heck, not to worry. “God’s TV,” as we named those humongous screens, saved our eyesight and kept us from squinting to see the field. I’m not kidding! The height of our seats was dizzying!
But alas, before leaving the stadium grounds and walking back a whole mile to our car, a dozen security told everyone to stop and step aside. The big, glass doors opened and out walked Tony Romo, Miles Austin, and some other nameless-to-me big dudes, escorted to their team bus by another horde of security guards. The boys got their pictures and even a couple of high-fives. They were thrilled. *yawn*
Go to Jerry’s World, if you can. It’s impressive.

Seems everyday, I travel somewhere. Just short hops and skips. But last week, I was driving and listening to the radio and heard the most incredible presentation of the Book of Revelation with the London Symphony Orchestra behind the magnificent voice of Karen Heimbuch. I had to pull to the side of the road and cry and worship. It was glorious! Check her out.

Have to show you the wildlife family that was in the meadow today. They were actually lying on the grass, probably enjoying the cooler temperatures (58 degrees – almost unheard of around these parts) and resting after a wonderful meal of my landscaping. They bolted when we stopped and aimed the camera. They are so camera shy.

Made a pie. One of our favorites. Chocolate Chip Pie.

Started a quilting project. An acquaintance ask me to make a quilt of denim. So, using my new machine, I began sewing squares together to make a ‘quick brick’ pattern. Have you heard of it? I used 12″ squares, six down and five across, no cheaters. I’ll give you a step-by-step as I go.

Except for talking to you tonight, that about wraps up my day. Sleep well. *yawn*
See you in the funny papers.