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October 2, 2009 / dcwisdom

Paint Mania

This week is the week for painting. Weather’s perfect. Wanna see? These lovelies came from my Grandmother’s front porch. I bet she doesn’t remember that somewhere underneath the crumbling, splitting white paint, the chairs were once yellow. Oh, but, of course, she remembers! Her 108-year-old mind is like a steel trap. Well, Grandmother, here are the “new” chairs! I hope you like them.
Take a look at the patio’s metal chairs. (I love metal chairs.) They will turn colors this fall, too.

They are drying from the primer paint right now, but just wait!

Now…take a look at these lovely porch posts. These are the things I slaved over this week, these five neck-breakers. I think I heard them talking…

Said one porch post to the other: “I can see your IQ tests were negative.” The other replies: “Yeah, well, you can say anything you like, because no one listens to you anyway.”

I would like to give just a tad of advice to anyone who considers spray painting anything: Stay upwind! Duh…

One more picture you just have to see! Can you see them — this wildlife family in the meadow?

(I must apologize for the amateur photography. I will get better at the picture-taking, I promise.)

Tomorrow, 34 is taking me sewing machine shopping. I found a handsome Bernina on sale.

See you in the funny papers!