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September 30, 2009 / dcwisdom


When there’s nothing good on TV, what do two brilliant (adult) kids (#1 and #5) do? They sit around and make up silly songs and laugh…and laugh…and laugh…

Shhhhh…they don’t know I’m blogging this…

This silly song is, they are saying, “The Chihuahua Rally Theme Song.” They are making up the words and singing it to the old tune “I am a C, I am a C-h, I am a C-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n…” (Spell the words.)

I am a c, I am a c-h, I am a c-h-i-h-u-a-h-u-a
And I am m-e-a-n-e-r that your s-i-s-t-e-r
I will b-i-t-e-y-o-u-r-f-a-c-e off.



Look at her smile!
Almost a year ago, my kid #2 called and begged, “Mom, I bought a dog for , and she can’t keep the puppy in her apartment. I’ve called and asked everyone I know if they want the dog, but nobody wants her. Please, Mom, will you take her?”
Well…how could I say no?
34 did not like my accommodations. Our dogs in the past had been big, massive, barking hunks of meat that scare away possums, skunks, coyotes, rabbits, and if they caught ’em, they ate ’em.
Except for the skunk. Our first German Shepherd was Donner Von Blitzen VII (translated Thunder and Lightning). A gorgeous and loyal dog. The next shepherd was Diefenbacher, named for the Royal Canadian Mounties’ dog in that 1980’s TV show. My kids grew up with him. Kid #2 loved that dog and buried him. We were all heartbroken.
Enter Bella. Tiny, petite Bella. Three point three pounds of adorable. And 34? You should see them when he comes home on the weekends…how the greet each other…how the play…how they cuddle. I wish I were a chihuahua…I wish I were a chihuahua…I wish I were a chihuahua…
It’s been a huge adjustment on my part. No one else has had a problem. No one else potty trained but me. No one else makes her mind but me. No one else loves her but me. She’s my dog, you hear, my dog!
The next time there’s nothing good on TV, Bella and I will be found cuddling on the couch, singing, “I am a c, I am a c-h, I am a c-h-i-h-u-a-h-u-a…”
See you in the funny papers!