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September 28, 2009 / dcwisdom

Queen Mother Survivor


My beautiful Mom. Caretaker. Friend. Counselor. Helper. Encourager. Giver. Lover. Merry-Maker. Party Girl. Laugh-a-minute.

What is she doing?
A few short weeks ago, my dad’s spirit departed his body to join his Savior Jesus. Just up and changed his permanent address… and left the Party Girl after 55 years… with another battle.
Dad fought his own good fight with Parkinsons and other junk that goes with that. The Caretaker fought with him and gave all she could: Her love, her strength, her heart. The Lover was strong even in her weakest moments because of the deep love she had for Dad and the Wondrous LOVE of God lavished on her.
Tonight, the Merry-Maker is staying with her mother and her sister in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area who are also survivors. Grandmother (who is 108!) is a survivor of cancer since 1977. My aunt has been cancer-free for five years. And, the Friend is a survivor, spoken in faith. Praise God.
Some time before Dad passed, the Giver had signs. Following a myriad of doctor appointments and a diagnosis and prognosis, she is now in the mid-throes of radiation treatments. I hear that she’s a bright spot in the cancer center. A yellow rose, a blue sky, a sweet word of encouragement, a friendly face. God bless her.
So, what is she doing? After driving her 75-year-old-self for three-plus hours home, doing some chores, and sleeping in her bed (aahhhhh), the Helper high-tailed it to our rent house Saturday morning where kid #1 and kid #3 were working to make her livable and comfortable. (Cheap rent = slave labor) The Encourager was a workhorse on fall flower arrangements and drawer liners! The energy! God bless her.

And see the cute Hottie installing the sink faucet? What a man! (“Mom, don’t say that. That’s embarrassing.” “What? You’re not a man?”)

See why I say “Survivor” about Queen Mother? God bless her. God bless the man.

P.S. That horrid paneling will go away! Now taking applications from volunteer laborers!