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September 26, 2009 / dcwisdom

Fall Chores

I love fall. My favorite memory of fall is driving through the countryside at dusk with a light, misty rain falling and seeing a little farm house illuminated on a bluff overlooking the harvest fields. Reminds me of a Thomas Kinkade painting. I don’t know why that still memory stirs such a peaceful emotion in my soul.

I love the activities of fall: Watching football games, catching floating leaves in the air, gathering the last tomatos, planting the broccoli, making the hot chocolate mix, collecting pumpkins, preparing for the Christmas play… Seems like autumn just doesn’t last long enough.

Today, fall chores are in full swing. My middle of the middle, Jeremiah, has the awesome jobs of cleaning the gutters of pinestraw and weedeating before heading off to his paying job. When he was very little and really cute, 34 gave him the lengthy nickname of — get ready — Hottie-dot,baby-doll,scooter-bug,hoss-fly,dude. See Hottie clean the gutters. (He’s still cute!)

I can surely understand why the pioneers wanted so many children.

Your fall trivia question: Does anyone know what this plant is called? Amy at the Potting Shed called it the ‘elbow’ plant, but when I google ‘elbow plant,’ this particular picture does not come up. If anyone can tell me, I’ll send you a cutting. Just poke it in the planter, keep it watered, and see the result.
Enjoy the day!