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September 22, 2009 / dcwisdom

Getting My Feet Wet

Hello! Yes, I’m getting my feet wet in blogworld!

My lovely husband (I’ll call him ’34’) tells my five kids that “Mom is attracted to shiny objects.” That’s true. Just last week, I was cleaning my nasty rent house and found a small wedding band on a window sill. I put it on. It fit perfectly. Naturally, it grossed my daughter out: “Gross, Mom! You don’t know where that thing has been!” Who cares? It has (teensy, tiny) diamonds!

(breath) Ok, so please take note of the three lovely words under the heading with the non-shiny objects: Life, light, laughter. I figure that all things fall into one of those three categories. With my 34, five grown kids, a chihuahua named Bella, a small living space, and harem-scarem, will you join me here with house renovations, gardening, sewing, reading, and just being together sharing life, light and laughter? I’ll put on a big, thick, steaming pot of 34’s chili.

I hope you enjoy “Attracted to Shiny Objects!”